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Soveltava harjoittelu / Field practice

28.03.2018 //Blogi //Opintoprojekti //Opiskelu

During February 25 art education master students completed their field practice (”soveltava harjoittelu”). The field practice was organized  in co-operation with multiple schools and other institutions. In addition to several secondary and high schools around Finland, these partners were Sinerbychoff Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Finnish Museum for Photography, Heureka, Annantalo Cultural, Arkki School of Architecture for Children for Youth, Liminka Art School and Waldorf School Reykjavik.


Ruskeat Tytöt visited Aalto ARTS Art Education

23.03.2018 //Blogi //Opiskelu

On Feb 22, 2018 Monica Gathuo and Uwa Iduozee gave an inspiring lecture about Ruskeat Tytöt (”Brown Girls”) for Art Education students. Ruskeat Tytöt is the first ever media for brown people by brown people in the history of Finland. Ruskeat Tytöt consulted Art Education students in matters concerning media representations, social media, minorities and journalism.

About Ruskeat Tytöt:
Ruskeat tytöt is a multi-medium: they produce content in writing, photography, illustrations, video and podcasts. Staff is located around the globe, with the objective to report and analyze what it means to be Finnish and of color in the 21st century.

Ruskeat Tytöt is institutionally nonaligned, and politically and religiously independent. However, the content is based on the theory of intersectional feminism. Ruskeat Tytöt recognizes that various factors (eg. race, gender, ability, health and class) intersect in people’s lives, affecting our chances of being heard and seen. Ruskeat Tytöt does its best to take into account the power structures and norms behind these intersections in the articles it runs. They also want to increase and widen the historically narrow representations of brown people in Finnish media, normalize narratives about people of color and function as a platform for brown journalists to realize their own projects and ambitions.


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The First Annual Juha Varto Endowed Lecture for Research in Visual Art, Philosophy and Pedagogy on 9.4.2018

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The First Annual Juha Varto Endowed Lecture for Research in Visual Art, Philosophy and Pedagogy featuring Dr. Alphonso Lingis, professor of philosophy emeritus at the Pennsylvania State University.

The lecture is titled:
How Artworks Work
A phenomenological account of the powers contained in artworks. What these powers do to the environment and what they do to us.”

9th of April 2018, 16:30
Lumituuli auditorium, Dipoli (Otakaari 24, Espoo)

Alphonso Lingis is professor of philosophy emeritus at the Pennsylvania State University. His talk will be the First Annual Juha Varto Distinguished Invited Lecture for Research in Visual Art, Philosophy and Pedagogy. By this speaker series the study program of Art Education honors professor Juha Varto and his many contributions to research in Finland, and around the world.

Alphonso Lingis (born 1933) is an American philosopher, writer and translator, currently Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Pennsylvania State University. His areas of specialization include phenomenology, existentialism, modern philosophy, and ethics. Among his books are Excesses: Eros and Culture (1984), The Community of Those Who Have Nothing in Common (1994), Abuses (1994), Foreign Bodies (1994), Dangerous Emotions (1999), Trust (2003), The First Person Singular (2007), Contact (2010), and Violence and Splendor (2011).

The Juha Varto Endowed Lecture for Research in Visual Art, Philosophy and Pedagogy will continue to annually bring in an outstanding scholar, who shares in this tradition to the Aalto campus, for a public lecture and creative exchanges with students and faculty. The scholar will be chosen by a committee of researchers from the Department of Art and will be internationally recognized for cutting-edge research on topics in the fields of Visual Art, Philosophy, and Peadgogy. The Lecture Series will be held once a year, in spring, beginning in spring 2018, sponsored by the Department of Art, in Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture.



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